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Let’s take a walk my friend.

No doubt, the result of the Hong Kong District Council Election let down many Hong Kong people (the youth probably) and the pan-democracy camp just got defeated with a low number of votes. Well, do we not cherish “democracy”? Is this result not “representative” of “democracy”? Do “we” give up “democracy”? You have the best interpretation.

What leads you to depression is probably more than the election. We have a whole bunch of stars of the century passed away recently, the ones that we might care about the most are Ricky Hui (許冠英) and Cupertino’s Steve (Actually, we can’t ignore the passed-away of Dennis Ritchie, who invented C and UNIX). One created a new style of life, one created our collective childhood memory. Yet, more to upset Hong Kong people these days include the lawsuit of foreign maids’ citizenship in Hong Kong… Across the pacific, what else you would curse are probably the tough US economy and job market, and the never-go-down college tuition.

So now what? Life goes on dude. Therefore, what I recommend you to do to escape from and to better deal with all these pains is, a walk, not a facebook walk.

Seward Park, Seattle

A recent psychology research issued in Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being showed that “walking in general decreased anxiety and depression, and increased revitalization, positive engagement and tranquility”. They measured whether elements in the environment such as water, woods, and buildings boost up or wane your mood. What they got is that you will be better off taking a walk in the natural environment than in the concrete jungle. The participants responded that after a brisk walk, they were revitalized and less rushed. On one hand, for the Washington Huskies, you are always better off having a nice walk between classes on campus or over the weekends. On the other hand, for the Hong Kong Huskies, you have to figure it out on your own. The good news, though, is that walking with a company in an urban environment is more advantageous than is walking with a company in natural environment. It turns out not very difficult to achieve, aye?

Perhaps in Steve’s early lifetime, he had already figured out the psychology benefits of walking. In Steve’s biography written by Walter Issacson, he mentioned a handful of experience of having a long walk with Steve in parks while having some serious talk. Hm… You might say that’s not quite equivalent to having a break, but now a study proved the benefits, so who cares?

Let’s take a walk my friend.



One thought on “Let’s take a walk my friend.

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