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讀者投稿:For One More Day

A promising baseball player had once tried to kill himself. Charley ”Chick” Benetto was capable of making a World Series for a professional sport, but not his failed jobs and fractured personal relationships. Being alcoholic, divorced, he had to come across one more ultimate slap-in-the-face. He was not invited by his dearest daughter to her wedding. After being shut out of the biggest day in his only child’s life, he saw no point in continuing his miserable life and attempted suicide. But for his good-bye journey he was drawn to Pepperville Beach, to the modest home where he grew up with his family. To his surprise, he found his mom in this old house, cooking breakfast. The extra day as a meaningful start of his chains of memories, what he had missed and wished.

This is the lesson of life, the book of love, the story of forgiveness. Nobody could imagine a day to meet the past, and to spend one more day with a ghost, your most beloved one. Mitch Albom, once again, brings to life what we all fear in our death. We will die never having had the chance to say good-bye to those we most care about, and lost someone we love. Out of misery, despair and regret, you can seek hope, grace and devotion. There are neither animated descriptions nor romantic wordings in the book. Readers should never expect any climaxes or unstrained emotions. All words are simple but poignant; the memories are both joyful and sad.

Posey, a mother as an angel, appeared to Charles “somewhere between this life and next” selflessly devoted help and warmth to the sick and dying. With “Chick” watching throughout the day, she brought a little bit of care to some of those people who were on the periphery of Chick’s life and in whom he took only a slight interest. Her self-sacrifice unraveled her kindness and alleviation to her friends who were suffering so deeply. It is not until Chick encounters Posey in this unusual story that he learned the truth about the most tragic event in his life – his parents’ sudden and incomprehensible divorce. He was furious when his dad deserted the family and life changed dramatically. Only then did he understand the fullness of his mother’s grace and the extent to which she sacrificed so that her children might still have a somewhat normal childhood. He had made his important decisions, stood up for his mother and sometimes broken her heart. In part of the story Chick recalled all the times his mother stood up for him and all the times he let her down. Such displays of his emotions are abundant but never redundant in this book, helping readers to realize how little he really knew about his mother and how deeply he wanted the second chance to save his own. It also gives the readers’ mind sufficient times to think, and to treasure all they possessed.

One of the most important highlights is when Posey brought him to visit “his father’s wife” at the end of the last day. Posey told Chick to forgive, which probably reveals the main theme of the book. It is often those people most love and to whom they owe so much that they fail to fully appreciate. He, his father and even his beloved mother had made such mistakes. But forgiveness is to nurse the unhealed wounds. It is the other way of aspiration and opportunity. If someone had forgotten so many important things in the life, why shouldn’t he be given the second chance to treasure the rest, and to love the most precious? Therefore, instead of nonstop torture, Chick was finally able to live the life we all wish we could – a life free of regret and rich with gratitude for those we so dearly love. He had once regretted what he had done to his family, but this was not the point of no return. At least he had learnt something, to keep people close, and to let them access the heart.

All in all, though simple and short in length, the heartwarming story gives insight which inspires life and courage. Despite our shortcomings, people are always willing to accept us, to forgive our wrongdoings. It is certainly not a diary; it is a message which symbolizes a positive attitude towards others. It is also one of the big steps to beautify your life, to think what you should be.

For One More Day -by Mitch Alboy

Reader: Lawrence


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