About the Spark(關於致知)


致知於二零一一年二月由一群香港海外留學生成立,本屬華盛頓大學(University of Washington)中華國是學會(Society of Chinese Affairs)的網上報刊。同年十月從學會獨立成為個別網誌,旨於搜集各方好文,上至天文,下至地理。政經史哲,文藝生活。


Thank you for everyone’s support for the blog. After six months of relentless planning, design, and preparation, the blog finally published its first post.

The Spark was created by a group of oversea students from Hong Kong in February 2011. Formerly, the blog was an online press established by the Society of Chinese Affairs (SCA) at the University of Washington (UW). In the same year October, the online press was reformed into an independent blog, which aims at sharing inspiring articles submitted by readers around us. We welcome any writings in topics regarding society in different cultures, politics, liberal arts, and many other aspects as long as it is inspiring to the readers.

致知 – derives from a quote in the classic Confucian literature Da-Xue (大學, Great Learning), “欲誠其意者,先致其知;致知在格物”, meaning “to seek knowledge”. Correspondingly, the Spark implies “to enlighten and ignite”. Despite the independence from SCA, it continues to converge youth’s voice and inspire readers by diverse and unique perspectives from our writers, and probably you!



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